Subsiding Glory

The centre of Cork City (Ireland) lies on an island surrounded by the River Lee, it’s two channels being known as the North Channel and unsurprisingly the South Channel. This isn’t obvious to visitors without looking at a map, but the bottom line is the area where the City stands was once marsh. Flooding and subsidence can be a bit of an issue. In my walk into the City this old building caught my eye, or more specifically the old first floor Β window / door. The detail of the decoration speaks of rich times past but sadly the building is now in severe decay and the need for structural supports highly evident.

DetailIts a shame when such buildings are left to slide but at the same time they evoke images of the grandeur Β of its time.

Still StandingI hope you too can see beauty in this post, albeit fading rapidly.

Past Grandeur
Past Grandeur

19 thoughts on “Subsiding Glory

  1. The problem in Ireland is that we are not encouraged to hold onto old buildings, those of us who do take up the challenge find we are fighting a mountain of regulations and worries, extra insurance loading, councils who stipulate what we have to do and how we are to do it.


    1. Old buildings clearly bring their own issues without a heap of red tape on top. Do not know enough about it (any grants available?), but it would be a shame to see the inevitable fulfilled. πŸ€


  2. MM. We seem to see the world through the same eyes! I too had spotted that lovely red door with its crumbling paint from an earlier post and made a note to self to come back on foot to photograph it. The day you posted the lovely old windows, I was snapping an identical one when walking around the Jewelery Quarter in Birmingham. Anyway, great minds think alike! I love this building and every time I pass it, I am relieved to see that the facade is still standing. At least efforts have been made to support it. It must be a listed building. I wonder who owns it…Β 


    1. No idea on ownership, it seems such a loss. As for great minds, I will get down to Sherkin at some point, but if you are coming up to the City let me know and if it suits we could meet for coffee? Take care, MM πŸ€


      1. WAIT!!!! I want to come, too! Save me a place at the table…the first round of coffee on me…and we’ll order cakes, too!! Jots
        MM…something very grand about being old…whether a building or a physical body. Some just age more in beauty than others…your photographs remind me we should honour both.
        PS. Stapler at the ready for those feisty figs…


  3. I find old buildings fascinating and none more so that the one you’ve photographed. Your images do well to show the decay and loss of what was once, probably, a building with beautiful details.


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