Fungi Parade in the Quarry

Following on from the last two quarry posts, this is the finale of the fungi in the quarry. With the fallen autumn leaves turning to mulch, the fungi have been in much evidence on the floor as well as on the moss covered tree trunks.

The Sombrero was actually found in the park just outside the quarry entrance and was about the size of a saucer. I took a couple of quick pictures and continued on to the quarry, making a note to take a better picture on the way back when the light should have been more favourable. On my return I simply could not find the specimen, camouflaged against the leaves as it was – that’ll teach me!

20 thoughts on “Fungi Parade in the Quarry

  1. Always amazed how many varieties one can see on just one walk MM.
    Many are going to *squish Lol now I am finding, or had their tops knocked off by exuberant dogs and children chasing through the undergrowth πŸ˜‰


      1. I’m having trouble keeping up with everything at the mo, MM, but I’ll be popping over to your place to check that one out. Ah … Achill (but maybe not in winter). πŸ™‚


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