Four Seasons in a Day

In the recent posts I have provided a number of shots taken around North Cork which very much reflect autumn moving into winter. On the green Island of Ireland it is said that it is possible to have four seasons in a single day. From my own experiences, I would say that this is very much true and here I give you a photograph that best captures that feeling.

All Seasons in A Day
All Seasons in A Day

The photo was taken on Achill Island (on the same day as the photographs that featured in Keem Strand and Grace O’Malley’s War Tower). In part of the photograph you can see the bright blue sky reminiscent of summer, while a curtain of rain reminiscent of a bad spring or Autumn day makes its way across the ocean.  Temperatures and weather across the photograph seem to cover all the seasons and just out of sight to the right, the hills plunging down to the ocean are capped in snow.  A most extraordinary day, but perhaps not such an extraordinary day for Ireland.

38 thoughts on “Four Seasons in a Day

  1. Very good of you to say so Safia. Right now am completing a course which may lead to the start of a new career so a bit tied up doing that but it sounds a good idea to look into it. Thanks for your tremendous support and have a great day in the sun. MM 🍀💚


  2. Ah yes, I did see this one before MM and the other Achill pics too – four seasons in a day – yes it was very true when I lived in Mayo – and Belfast for that matter 😉 Have you had your first exhibition yet?


      1. I think you should consider it. Your work is amazing and I’m sure there are a good few art centres near you who would jump at the chance to host your debut exhibition.


    1. At the times when it wasn’t hailing / snowing or just lashing it down I agree, but then all you had toy do was 10 minutes and a change would occur. I think one calls that ‘changeable’. LOL MM 🍀


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