Semper Fidelis Award

Integrity and loyalty are two characteristics that I would associate with decency and thus it is with great pleasure that Fill the Empty Spaces Β has nominated myself for the ‘Semper Fidelis’ Award. There are plenty of features on their blog Fill the Empty Spaces, so please check it out.


In accepting this award I have to link back to the nominator and provide nominations for a further ten bloggers. This time round my nominations are:

1. Joshi Daniel Photography

2. Tricia Booker Photography

3. Malin H Photography


5. Cath’s Veggie Garden

6. Formal Divisions and Surface Patterns

7. Source of Inspiration

8. Earthquake Boy

9. Tales from a Small Island

10. Pearl St Gallery

I appreciate that accepting these words with the attached conditions does provide work and I will not be offended if any of you therefore choose not to accept the nomination, though I trust you can accept the manner in which it is meant. Having been the recipient of four awards in four days I may be humbled but I also need to recognise that I have to concentrate my resources on building a new career as opposed to writing award blog posts. As a result of this I thank all those who have ever nominated me already, but I now have to take the step of not being able to accept awards, at least for the time being.

Please therefore do NOT consider myself for awards going forward. Rather, I would prefer interactive comments and critiques. Many thanks to you all,

Meticulous Mick πŸ€

23 thoughts on “Semper Fidelis Award

    1. Al, I have to apologise sincerely as it should have been you I was thanking for the 2013 award and not Petel41 who has already provided an award to me. I have changed the post and my awards page to reflect your generosity. Again, sincere apologies and have a good weekend. MM πŸ€ (If you want I can put up a “correction post”)


      1. It is extremely time consuming…which is why posting acceptances (for me) is usually done slowly…if at all. Your request to cease award giving is warranted…they soon, so it seems, take over….everything. Like rabbits…
        Put smile *here*.


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