WildSherkin is a wonderful blogger based in West Cork. In this post she put wondrous words to a recent photo of mine to form a great collaboration. Go check out her blog yourself. MM 🍀




She will be gone in a heartbeat.
Silk has turned to crêpe,
and all the day long her weary head is bowed,
as dry-eyed tears fill her lonely wait.
Her only company now the soft glow of memories of
happy, golden times she thought would never end,
when basking in the radiance of admiring glances,
this vibrant young beauty turned heads and captured hearts.
But her time is drawing close now, and she is ready to go.
Soon the weeping will end.
Fragile and fading, unaware of how beautiful she still is,
she will be gone in a heartbeat,
yet the memory of her will stay with us forever.

© wildsherkin

I dedicate this post to all of the frail and beautiful, elderly ladies in your lives and mine. With special thanks to Meticulous Mick for this opportunity to collaborate with him and for the use of his stunning sunflower…

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