The Gardener’s Companion

One of the joys of digging in the garden is that one is not alone for very long. All the careful tilling and sowing will catch the eye of one of our best loved birds, the robin. He’ll flit around the garden and rest on your spade or fork looking for an easy meal, while you yourself take a rest. Now as winter advances and the leaves have fallen, his breast will brighten up the hedgerows and trees. Once more common can be beautiful.

A Beautiful  Garden Friend
A Beautiful Garden Friend

15 thoughts on “The Gardener’s Companion

  1. We have a beautiful little robin that comes to our garden every year, without fail, to our garden and I always know it is really winter when I spot him – haven’t seen him yet but I’m keeping my eyes peeled!


  2. how beautiful the robin is brings to mind… that just around the corner is christmas time… when the crisp white layer of snow comes to cover all… making everything seem clear and we are kind to each other for a while… Barbara


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