Everyday Beauty

This is the very first post that I entered on my blog and thought it appropriate to repeat today. Over the coming days I am unlikely to be able to post or check up on the posts of others, so you will have to excuse my absence. It strikes me that dawn and dusk can be very similar; a crescendo of light of many vibrant colours.


Bill is in his mid nineties and his light is still burning as bright as ever. Still grasping hands, smiling and after a short while the nurses had cottoned on to the fact that “he is a talker”. He has of course many stories to tell and he still laughs at most of them. It’s good that Bill can still enjoy the craic, even knowing his time here is coming to a close. May your colours continue to shine Bill.

Meticulous Mick

Getting up early can be rewarded. No filters were used in this photo, nor was it toyed about with in photoshop or the like afterwards. Simple, everyday beauty

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9 thoughts on “Everyday Beauty

  1. Oh my goodness… this is so very beautiful ! The reflection of the clouds are fantastic as are the wonderful colours of that sunrise 🙂


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