Ocean Lives

Not only was Cork host to the  Dutch Submarine “Dolphin” during ‘Rebel Week’, but to underline international links further there was a Japanese fishing vessel tied up along the same quay (Horgan’s). Some of the expressions on the faces of the crew drew me in, but I was wary of not insulting them by simply snapping away.

So I sought permission and the mood changed completely; big grins took over faces and hands came aloft to wave. Not exactly the natural shot I was looking for. One of the crew, however, continued to look a bit pensive, or was it just that he was missing home, being so far away? I’ll never know, but the lines on his face were captivating.  So here is the Japanese ship in Cork City along with some of the crew.

12 thoughts on “Ocean Lives

  1. Love the shots, I love harbours and quaysides for photos, I wonder what that man’s thinking?.
    I also like people in my shots, and the amount of times that they do duck down, move out of the way, or stop….when in essence, I want them in the photo.
    I often resort to telephoto lens then stand back….great way for shooting grandkids too, you can capture more natural faces when they’re not aware.


  2. I particularly like the B & W of the 4 crewmen – they all have different expressions and it’s a great character study.

    (I think I would have asked permission on this line of photography too. They might have thought you had some ulterior motive for photographing them, if you hadn’t asked permission).

    As an aside, I find it really difficult to get ‘blurred people’ moving in front of something to show movement. As soon as they see my camera they all duck down low or stop, reverse and walk behind me. So I rarely manage to get the image I want. And if the subjects are young, when they see the camera, they make funny faces or do some silly pose. It’s really hard to make candid snaps of Australians in the street. I think ‘people’ photography of any kind is hard.


    1. Cheers Vicki. I think Weggie Boy is right when he says to ask and then wait a short while for the initial furore to die down. Otherwise I think it is a case of trying to make oneself not too conspicuous – stand back in a doorway or something like that..MM 🍀


  3. People can hold a pose only so long before their natural expressions break through. I’d say you caught the moment where the natural expressions broke through just right!


  4. I agree, Pensive’s face is absolutely captivating. Like you, I prefer the natural, “I-don’t-know-you’re-taking-a-picture” kind of shot though the grins are also endearing.


  5. Mick-Lovely pics! I agree- often if you ask for permision to take a pic, the natural face disappears. But I rather ask than insult people!
    Have a good Tuesday! ( here rain and umbrella weather today…)


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