Full of Blarney

As mentioned in an earlier post, we visited the Blarney Stone when some Australian visitors came to stay and were roped into kissing the magical stone ourselves. So now I really do have a good excuse for talking a load of blarney.  You see the fabled stone is meant to give one the “gift of the gab” (i.e. be able to talk and talk and talk…..).

For those never having visited this site, it may come as a surprise to find that the Blarney Stone is to be found at the top of Blarney Castle and one has to lie down and lean back to be able to kiss it. The stairs up to the top floor are a beautiful tight spiral stone which have been considerably worn down over the years. It’s not just about the Castle and the Stone mind,  the grounds are very nice with a number of walks and further smaller towers and other treats. Visiting in October I was surprised to see pink blooms, Winter Cyclamen (Cyclamen Cilicium), at the base of some trees.

Unfortunately the weather when we visited was not made for photography, but here are a few shots anyway. I hope it was worth the wet knees.

25 thoughts on “Full of Blarney

  1. Absolutely worth the wet knees I would say (good to know I’m not the only one who starts crawling around when I have a camera)! The colors are so striking… particularly against the gray sky / stones, etc… really, really beautiful, M.M! 🙂


  2. I’m always surprised and pleased when these little cyclamen that appear at this year !
    The Blarney Tower looks rather romantic to me 🙂


  3. I beg to differ… the weather definitely WAS made for photography. Holy Moly, if I were to kiss the stone, my family would cry… I’m already a blabbermouth! No, that’s too negative – I’ve a gift for the gab!


  4. Lovely pics, MM.
    ….and thanks for the name Autumn Crocuses. I have a couple of photos of them and never knew what they were called. I thought they actually might be miniature Cyclamens.


    1. I looked these up and it was the conclusion I came to. May not be 100% and I stand to be corrected!. They made such a great spread as everything else was turning in the other direction. MM 😃


    2. You were right I was wrong! I was looking up all autumn and winter flowering plants and the Winter Cyclamen did not come up. Elina thought the Cyclamen great – so I looked it up and lo and behold they are winter cyclamen. Humble grovel and apologies and thanks for your better knowledge. MM 🙏


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