Bountiful – Veggie Update VIII

Now into October and the harvesting continues. Beetroot, spring onions, leeks, celery, radishes and plenty of brassicas are keeping us on the go and stomachs’ content. We need to look up what on earth to do with the globe artichoke, though I see no reason to panic as this is its first year and it needs to establish itself. It is really starting to get to planning for 2014 and negotiations with The Sage will have to start soon in order to work out what to do with his precious land.

Oh we have already had some sprouts and I just hope that we still have a load for Christmas. Overall I think we can be content with this year’s produce but changes will still need to be made. Obviously I cannot divulge my thoughts here just in case The Sage works out where the “On” button is.

Hope you have had a good season too. MM

16 thoughts on “Bountiful – Veggie Update VIII

  1. Looks wonderful MM.

    Don’t forget to rotate your crops – although you & the Sage probably already know this.

    Makes me envious (living in the inner city as I do), although my potted herbs are looking pretty good at the moment. My 2′ high rosemary plant suddenly keeled over and died a couple of days ago, so I’ve bought a new one. Methinks I might have over watered it.

    I also bought some rocket to try again in a big tub on my balcony. Grew this successfully a few years ago, but due to lack of space it was taken over by herbs (for cooking). I bought a small punnet of six seedlings this week. Love to have some Tom Thumb tomatoes, but there’s not enough sun for most vegetables on my balcony as I face west and the tall buildings overshadow my area, so rocket it will have to be in this semi-shaded area.


    1. Don’t worry crop rotation is in place. If I had a small space herbs is what I would grow. Can’t beat the smell and the added flavour some fresh herbs can bring. Simply divine. Good luck with Rosemary mk II. MM πŸ€


      1. Indeed it does… Though with these 20+ degrees C they are calling for all week, it doesn’t feel like it yet! Way above the norm for us.


      2. I guess we’ll just take advantage of the clement weather whilst we can (and try not to think of global warming…)


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