Dursey Island, West Cork

On Sunday I posted a view of Dursey Island (Dursey Patchwork) and was asked if I had a picture of the cable car that links the island to the mainland. So here we are, not just a picture of the cable car but other scenes all taken on Dursey, West Cork. A handful of people continue to live on the island, while many of the houses are now used as holiday cottages. One of the treats that awaited me was countless choughs, a freewheeling bright red legged member of the crow family that seemed to elude us in our younger years. Utterly fabulous. Hope you enjoy the collection.

20 thoughts on “Dursey Island, West Cork

  1. When I’m lucky enough to visit Ireland, I will look back on your site to establish my itinerary! You could always work for the tourism board with your pictures!


      1. Well, you’d be the perfect candidate should the situation change, that’s for sure! I hope you do find something in a related industry.


    1. I’d say he is. I think The Hound would be pretty nervous and he’d wait for me to get in first. For me the last one is the stand out one of the bunch too. Thanks for commenting. MM 🍀


  2. Looks like a wonderful place to visit (or even live). I’d love to spend some days walking over the island, exploring, camera in hand. Love the shot of the dog in the cable car.


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