Autumn Fruits – The Conker

Well I have always called it the conker, the fruit of the Horse Chestnut tree. The internet also gives the names cheggies, obblyonker and cocky monkey. Well for me it will always be the conker, to be bored with a meat skewer, threaded onto a string and ready for action in the playground. Some people would go to all sorts of lengths to get their conker into perfect fighting shape, but isn’t it just perfect the way it comes out shining from its protective cocoon.

Breaking Out
Breaking Out

15 thoughts on “Autumn Fruits – The Conker

  1. Your close-ups are always really well lit – are you just using natural light? (now the bike test is out of the way we are just waiting for a weather window to head north – not looking promising for the moment 😦 )


    1. Here’s to a clearing in the weather β˜”βžŸπŸŒž. I normally just use a desk lamp with a long lead and close the black out blinds. The lamp is on a long lead so I can try numerous different angles for different effects and make sure the W/B is set on Tungsten. Very simple but can take a bit of time to set up. My window faces N/W so the natural light is normally none too good. MM πŸ€


    1. You can either create a gallery when looking to load media (See top left of screen at this point) or if you go to dashboard, add new post and add media to insert a photo. If you want to insert more photos simply click the add media button again and you can add further photos. Please note I only use the computer for wordpress. Hope this helps Anna, MM πŸ€


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