A New Trainee

Well Freida may only be 3 years old, but we have to start succession planning at some point for when The Sage has to hang up his gardening boots. Β Don’t worry I am sure he will still be issuing instructions long after a thick coat of rust has laced his trowel.

So to our new assistant, Freida. Like many young starters she likes to mess around with water, do a bit of weeding and sample the produce while still in the garden. In the pictures below we can see her high levels of concentration and application as she wields the hose under the apple tree.

The Apprentice
The Apprentice
Checking the Equipment
Checking the Equipment
Gently does it
Gently does it

22 thoughts on “A New Trainee

  1. One of my happiest days was the summer I planted several varieties of herbs and edible flowers around the garden with the idea that I could take my great niece Makayleh on a little tour when she came for a long-planned visit with her grandmother.

    She was three or so at the time, and enthusiastic about everything, as children that age tend to be!

    We stopped at each plant, and I invited her to taste the bee balm, the several varieties of basil, the dill, the marigolds, the nasturtiums, and so on. A good time was had by all!

    When she and her grandmother, my sister, left at the end of the week, she wanted something to take home with her to plant in grandma’s garden. There were some volunteer tomatoes in my tomato patch. Those she planted, with grandma’s help, a half continent away.

    A few years later, when she was a teen and her little brother was about her age when she took the garden walk, she and I took him on a walk through my little garden (much smaller since I’d moved to an apartment because of health issues).

    I pointed out the small patch of rhubarb to her. When I took her through the garden when she was little, I had her taste rhubarb, with the predictable result!

    “Should we offer some rhubarb to your brother, too? I asked her. She smiled knowingly, and agreed that’d be a great idea. With predictable results!

    You shouldn’t have favorites among kids, they say, but Makayleh and I have that day in the garden when she was little, and I always feel a little closer to her than her siblings. Gardens have magic, and we found it in the flower and herb beds that day.


  2. How gorgeous is she and how lovely to see youngsters outdoors in the fresh air.
    You can never be too young to start an appreciation for gardening & nature.


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