Fishing Gear

As I looked for a vantage point on the quayside to try and get a shot of the wheelchairs out on the pontoon, my path was blocked by a rather large stack of old fishing gear. In my best Victor Meldrew impression “I don’t believe it!”, rang around inside my head (told you he would be back). And as I was about to curse my luck, I realised I might just about be able to make a photo of this old gear.

Let me know what you think. And to all new followers, there has been a glitch at WordPress so I am unable to see my list of followers right now. Once this is mended I will get back to each of you.

Fishing Gear
Fishing Gear

8 thoughts on “Fishing Gear

  1. The colours are fantastic! Not at all what one would think old fishing gear would look like (you would think drab, verdigris, moldy, not what you have pictured)!


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