A Quarry Compilation

All pictures featured in this gallery are new and taken within a handful of days of each other. Limestone from the nearby quarry is said to have been used in the construction of St Finbarr’s Cathedral, Cork Court House and other prominent buildings in Cork. While at the turn of the 20th Century it was the largest limestone quarry in Ireland, the days of quarry activity have long since ceased. Nature is reclaiming the land.

While on first glance there may be little to attract a visitor, it is a fairly unique site and  it is amazing to see how much beauty one can find. Just stop, look and listen and you will see plenty of jewels to behold. Here is a humble offering of a collection of these.

This understated beauty is for Chicago Joe, who himself is rather understated but a real gem of a guy. CJ is heading in for an operation tomorrow and I just want to wish him well, may all go smoothly. Wish him well too, he’ll appreciate it for sure.

10 thoughts on “A Quarry Compilation

  1. Meticulous Mick thanks again for taking the time to participate in Project O and also for responding to comments! I hope this project has provided some insight to people and that it went as you expected. Thanks again for taking part! -OM


  2. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve yet to “cross the pond” from Montreal but Ireland is so definitely on my “To-See/To-Experience” List! Your photos make the reason to visit all the more compelling. Thank you, Mick (by the way, my husband’s name as well!)


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