As one enters through the main gate of Obidos in Portugal, the adventurous will climb the old fortified walls and get a view looking in at this gorgeous old town and out to the countryside around, while others will head straight down the main thoroughfare. Having climbed up above the entrance gate, this photo is taken looking down at the main thoroughfare, as usual thronged with tourists.

It is a busy, touristy place but I still think it has a lot to offer, just under an hour  north of Lisbon, the country’s capital. Obidos is known as ‘The Wedding Town’ as traditionally it is ‘presented’ to a new queen on the occasion of her marriage to the King.  With cobbled streets and complete 12th century wall running its perimeter it is a gem worth exploring. If you are looking for more remote such places in Portugal you can always try Marvao and Monsaraz, both in the Alentejo region and a handful of kilometres from the Spanish Border.

Obidos Houses
Obidos Houses

3 thoughts on “Obidos

  1. Actually, Óbidos is known as the ‘town of queens’ or ‘home of the lady queens’ because from the time of D. Dinis and until 1834 it used to be part of all the queens’ marriage portion 😉


    1. Thanks for that Beyond Lisbon, I noted that under wikipedia it gave the informal title of Vila das Rainhas (or as the translation goes “Town of the Queens”. However, while living in Lisbon most of the people I knew would refer to Obidos as “The Wedding City” – maybe mine is the informal informal version 😉. Either way it is a beautiful place and fits in with the agreed history. MM 👍


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