Himba Girl

In the northern reaches of Namibia, not far from the Angolan border lies the territory of the Himba people, a semi-nomadic race. They live in small villages with a chief and when their livestock (typically goats and cattle) have grazed the surrounding area will up the village and move on to the next destination. The people are known to keep to a traditional way of life and normally just a loin cloth is worn by both men and women. In order to protect themselves from the sun’s strong rays they rub ochre and fat on to their bodies, giving them a reddish brown appearance.

Himba Girl
Himba Girl

I don’t think I have come across a prouder race anywhere. They all walk with such grace, posture, dignity and purpose and are a beauty to behold. In doing a tour in a small group with a translator we had the privileged opportunity to find out more of their lifestyle, customs and general way of life. Following that came an incredible moment for me and one which must rank as one of my greatest honours. The chief spoke to say that he wanted one of the group to stand with him for a photograph and he was to choose whom. I had been asking plenty of questions and so he knew I was interested in their way of life and after a short while he called for me to come and join him. To many people this may seem quite small, but to me it meant a lot and when a few days later we reached civilisation I ordered some prints, got them laminated and gave to our driver to give to the tribe when he next comes across them.

And then we heard how the existing government were trying to force through legislation to make these people cover up as the country was trying to project forward an image of sophistication to attract business etc. This world of ours is truly amazing.

10 thoughts on “Himba Girl

  1. Awesome story…I believe that legislation to make these people cover up as the country is trying to project forward an image of sophistication to attract business is sad. It is the uniqueness of a people that make them what they are and if someone is willing to do business with them they will do it based on who people are, not what they look like. Great Image! I’m pushing to be just as well traveled as you, thank you for the inspirational imagery!


    1. Fully agreed. As for the travel, it really does broaden the mind and I find meeting different cultures so interesting. Good luck with your own plans, keep putting up the posts. MM πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ“·


  2. Our local art school got complaints about the nude models for the Life Drawing classes. The windows were covered at the lowest level and the nearest neighbours were quite some distance away. Honestly, they would have needed binoculars to see anything at all.

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful girl. I thought this was a sculpture at first.


    1. I know, the world is mad it’s not just you and me! The whole people we met were beautiful but this was a shot taken to the side while she was unaware and not playing to the camera. That fly on her arm is very real, as is the hut behind her.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. MM 🌞


  3. Good grief!

    Next thing OUR Government will be asking us to undress (as nakedness will be considered sophisticated).
    Can you imagine the uproar.


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