Marigold Mayhem

This year I have grown a number of flowers from seed and some of these, including the marigolds, have ended up in a large tub containing an ornamental pear tree, . They always add a great splash of colour but are often prone to slug attack. So to fend off the hungry slime balls , a ring of copper was fastened to the tub. It appears to have worked as I now have a great floral centre-piece to the garden. Here are a few pictures of these golden plants.

8 thoughts on “Marigold Mayhem

  1. They’re vibrant and beautiful! My marigolds are dying because of too much heat and strong winds. The weather in Thailand is unpredictable nowadays, too hot but storm suddenly appears later during the day or in the evening. The plants and orchids are not faring well.
    Your marigold photos are stunning! Well done!


  2. Hi MM, I love marigolds and plant them everywhere! They are very much a taken-for-granted, old fashioned annual.

    Strange – in the US they’re often planted around vegetable gardens to ward off pests (this may be an old wives tale).

    I’ve never heard of slugs on marigolds………those Irish slugs must be tough little slimers. 🙂


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