Faces at the Fair – ‘The Pinky Ring’ & ‘Friends’

I was warned to be careful in going up to Cahirmee Horse Fair in Buttevant, armed with a camera and a couple of lenses. I needn’t have worried at all, along with the ‘Fair Girl‘ there were others asking for their images to be recorded and all were good craic and enjoying the fair. It’s like with anyone, treat them with a bit of respect ……..

The first picture shows a group of four horse traders that I chatted to and wanted their group picture taken. If you are looking at this and are one of the four, thank you so much.

In the second picture which I have entitled ‘The Pinky Ring’ this youth was shouting for his photo to be taken as he trotted down on this rather undersized pony. It’s a pity the shadows were so strong. At first I was reluctant to put this picture on the blog, due to its stereotype image, but then it was the pose that he struck, that he wanted to express. Like all these subjects he was excellent.Friendly Gathering

IMG_8080 - Version 2

11 thoughts on “Faces at the Fair – ‘The Pinky Ring’ & ‘Friends’

    1. The fair was a great experience and I will be looking to return next year. Will also be looking out for other minor local events. Keep an eye open and thanks for re-blogging. MM


  1. Superb Mick – it is not just about pointing a camera in the right direction, it is also about having the charm to put people at ease and it is obvious you have that skill. Both pictures are a delight.


    1. They certainly were. It’s one of those occasions where people return year after year and maybe they see each other once a year at the fair, or maybe they all live near each other and simply came to have craic and sell a few ponies. I was there in the morning, I’d say there were some sights by evening time. MM


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