Jam Jars Ready

Jam Jars Ready

The blackcurrants have been washed and now it’s time to fish out the rogue stalks and leaves. The Sage has already made 26 pots of blackcurrant jam and this bowlful is for me to utilise. I will make some jam, a pear and blackcurrant sponge and freeze the rest. It really has been a good year for these currants and there are many berries still on the bushes, still to fully ripen.

This bowlful was picked In the morning of Wednesday by myself and The Sage, punctuated by refreshment breaks. After a good bite of lunch it was back out to the plot where, unbeknown to me, The Sage had been up to dastardly tricks.

11 thoughts on “Jam Jars Ready

  1. Even that photograph looks ‘delicious’ – sent me a jar “Air Express” thank you.


  2. I don’t think I have enough blackcurrants for even a jar of jam, but have loads of goozegogs 😉 My gardening neighbour makes the jams and I make the chutneys, Must go check out my jamjar collection tomorrow!


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