Keem Strand, Achill Island

Keem Strand at the end of Achill Island, County Mayo. And yes its sand is a soft and fine as it looks in the picture.
Keem Strand

Keem Strand can be found at the very end of Achill Island where the road to the west simply goes no further. The ocean may look an inviting crystal blue, but beware the tops of the hills under which we had just passed were still adorned with a white icing of snow.

This picture was taken in March 2012.

19 thoughts on “Keem Strand, Achill Island

      1. I know the sort … can’t resist it … still in touch with my inner child after all these years Lol


  1. Never thought of the sand as ice until you mentioned it here. But then yes, it could be. I’ll have to see if I can recognise your hometown. Look forward to seeing the shots. MM ✈


  2. Isn’t it weird how the sand in the foreground looks like ice? Only the colour gives it away really. All being well, my daughter and I are flying to Dublin on Monday – can’t wait. And I’ve got a new camera, so hoping to get some use out of it. I have an idea of taking some shots of the places in my hometown which haven’t changed much since 1981 when I left to explore the big wide world. Thanks for the inspiration. My efforts will surely pale in comparison to yours but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere! πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks and many thanks for the follow too. You got some great shots yourself. Love the raindrops on the flower. impressive. Will hopefully show you more of Ireland. MM πŸ€


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