Dead Easy – Bake a Cake of Apple & Walnut

As long as you have some sort of mixer, mine is just a hand held one, then this has to be one of the easiest cakes to make ever. Every time I have made it it has come out fine and the real winner is in the taste. My wife absolutely loves it, as does The Sage and Mrs Sage. The combination of apple, cinnamon and walnuts is devine and it is recommended to eat this with ice cream or cream, possibly as a dessert.

To prove that this numpty in the kitchen can do it here is “one I made earlier”:

Anyone can do this
Anyone can do this

It may not look the most appealing as it is, but it is the taste that matters. The recipe can be found at Easy Apple Cake and you should try it on the basis that:

  1. It tastes great
  2. Cooking Apples will be coming into season
  3. The fanciest ingredients are vanilla essence, walnuts and cinnamon so not that complicated
  4. It is so easy, just mix the stuff together really

Personally I don’t bother shredding the apples but simply chop them. So give it a go and be rewarded.

9 thoughts on “Dead Easy – Bake a Cake of Apple & Walnut

  1. It looks plenty appealing to me–warm bread pudding is one of my faves and it looks a lot like that. I’ll have to try it out sometime–and probably chop like you, aintnobody got time for shredding apples.

    Your photos are beautiful!


    1. It is more of a cake, but unbelievably easy. I have never shredded an apple and do not intend to start either. Thanks for the comments on the photos, my personal favourite is ‘Indulgence – sands of Time’. Keep coming back to comment and if you have any requests just ask. MM


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