All Gone

Just 8 days ago, the chicks were growing rapidly and the nest was a tight squeeze, but the feathers on the scraggy chicks were only just beginning to show. If you click on the post Another Tight Squeeze you will see what I mean. Roll on just eight days (yes, just 8 days) and this is the sight that greeted me on Wednesday up at the plot.

The young have flown the nest
The young have flown the nest

Up on the telegraph wires the swallows surveyed the scene of the plot along with some other bird species. I grabbed the binoculars and sure enough there were the two adult spotted flycatchers and with brighter, slightly yellow chests were the five young chicks. Nature is just unbelievable. I am afraid you are just going to have to take my word for it as by the time I had the camera the family had disappeared and did not return later. I had missed the chicks fledging by a mere 24 hours. On the Tuesday The Sage himself put his face in towards the nest and as he did so there were warning calls ringing around him as the parents vented their displeasure  and the last three chicks summed up all their courage and flew the nest, whizzing past the face of The Sage. Believe me, if you had your curtains open and saw the face of The Sage leering in, you’d be pretty quick to scarper too.

So that may be all from the Spotted Flycatchers and if so we wish them well on their flight back to southern Africa in what must be weeks. Secretly I am though hoping that the parents will return for a second brood before Africa beckons. Realistically the odds must not be good as these seem nervous birds and activity at the compost heap has increased as vegetables are thinned etc. More on the Veggie Update very soon, but for now it is good bye and well done to the Spotted Flycatchers.

Nature really is exhilarating.

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