Rathbarry Church Frieze

I have been asked by some bloggers to include a fuller picture of the frieze which can still be seen at the altar end of the ruined church. Due to the strong light I did not take the following pictures on my recent trip,  the latest pictures being posted under Rathbarry Church gallery, but these are from 2008 in very different conditions.

Hopefully this has satisfied your requests.


5 thoughts on “Rathbarry Church Frieze

    1. What can I say Ashton? It’s unreal that you should think of me and put the word ‘inspiring’ in the same sentence. I am flattered and accept humbly. Now I better work out who to nominate. Many thanks Ashton. MM 🏆


  1. Wow! How amazing (once again).
    I just find so hard to believe the relative ruin of the church and the survival of the frieze.


    1. From what I can gather the current structure was built c.1825. When I came across the scene for the first time, I too was so surprised at the state of the frieze. I quite like the treeless scene behind, atmospheric..MM


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