For Theresa -Purple Flowers on Stone Wall

In the post ‘Old Church Window‘, one blogger felt this post could have been improved by having purple flowers on a stone wall. So to make the day of Theresa, this post is for you. I have to say I have not included this photo in the recently posted gallery on Rathbarry Church as I do not consider that it stands up to being published by itself. It has not captured quite what I wanted and I like to try and keep high standards; so Theresa this one really is for you.

Stones and Purple Flowers
Stones and Purple Flowers

And shortly I will be posting a further gallery to show the main surviving frieze in the ruined Rathbarry Church. I am having to dig these out of an earlier set which reflect a very different time of year.

7 thoughts on “For Theresa -Purple Flowers on Stone Wall

  1. I disagree MM. I think this shot works very well on it own. The shadows and composition make it happen for me. However, who am I to argue? It’s your image 😉


  2. WOW!!! That’s what I call personal attention! You made my day for the next month, at least. I’m glad you “lowered your standards” just for this poor woman who loves shots of purple flowers against gray stone… I think it’s lovely; my thanks.


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