Green Door Contrasts

Green Door Contrasts

Out of the corner of my eye this building caught my attention as I drove by. So on the return I made sure to pull over. It was the door that drew me in and the old worn colours of it. However, the more I looked, the more the contrasts within the picture struck me; the white old wall and the dull grey modern wall behind, the evenness of the breeze blocks with the irregular stones of the old barn wall, the new and the old corrugated iron roof.

Whatever you may see, I hope you like it.

7 thoughts on “Green Door Contrasts

  1. You need to check out they have a competition each month. I entered the last one, my first ever comp and got some amazing feedback.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion will check it out. Out of interest do you use post camera editing software? I need to get one as Corel does not work on my new iMac. Thanks for all your help. MM πŸ˜ƒ


      1. I don’t have any editing software other than the very basic Microsoft office picture manager where I can alter colour and brightness. I have been looking at a few options and I feel Lightroom 5 is possible the better option for my needs. There are so many out there and prices are cheap to down right stupid. My friend has a Mac and uses Lightroom and loves it.


  2. I like the old and the new in this photograph for example the roof, rust and shiny, the new painted wall but the door has been left. The green stands out on the white background. I would of been tempted to crop some of the right hand side off the picture to lead you into the door.


    1. You could be right. I was torn what to do; If I cut off the dark area on the right the door might be too central unless I also cut off some of the left, but that would mean losing the rusty bit of the roof and I was loathed to do that. I think the conclusion is that it is not the ‘perfect’ shot! 😞


      1. I like the rust. Maybe just reduce the bush on the right and that would bring the picture in. πŸ™‚

        Like you I am just a happy snapper, I know what I like as does everyone else, you have to be happy with what you shoot. I have learnt over the last 105 days that not every picture you take makes everyone smile the same.


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