Hound oversees the local golf course

A Round with the Hound

The Covid-19 restrictions continue to hold sway and restrict life across Ireland. Facilities lie idle around the country, a 5km radius from home are the extent of permitted travel, except for essential journeys. Of course the dog still needs his exercise while a nearby golf course remains idle, a round of golf being prohibited.

I’ve lost count of the number of covid waves that have been reported, although talk is now of a fourth wave. I don’t think I even registered the third wave. Or was it the second wave that was missing? Days run into each other, weeks merge and all of a sudden we are about to enter April 2021.

The good news is that recovery after surgery is going good, the crutches have been dispensed with and the walks getting further. Recovery has been swift and I hardly feel like I have been missing out. Given all of this I decided to do “A Round with the Hound”.


As you can see, the course is bordered by a tidal estuary with water and mud flats being hazards of the course, as well as reed beds.

Estuary mud banks provide golf balls with a soft landing
Mud Banks

I’m sure the ball in the images below belongs to my friend Des, it is afterall a bit close to the fairway to be my ball.

The course was empty of human life this morning, except a handful of workers tending the course to keep it in shape. This meant that the course was a great getaway in the City and Harry Hound wasn’t the only one enjoying the freedom to explore the grounds.

Here we have a couple of godwits roaming the course for morsels.

A nice way to start the day, full of freedom and fresh air and hopefully The Hound is staring to find his own way around the course. He could make a useful caddy pulling along a golf bag. Here he is almost half way round, heading to the ninth tee.

My single gripe today was with another dog owner. They decided not to clear up after their dog, with the offending articles being on the edge of the fairway. Please think of all other users of the course and provide a bit of respect by picking up after your dog – it’s people like you that tar all dog owners with a bad name and lead to dog owners having no access to amenities. Selfish idiot.

Rant over, I feel a lot better now, have a good week one and all.

6 thoughts on “A Round with the Hound

  1. Lovely images. Glad to hear you are on a nice and rapid road to recovery and I am with you that the irresponsible dog owners are the ones who make that we don’t have access to certain parks. Is it so hard?

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