Purple and Lilac Crocuses compete for the sun

Here comes the Colour

The weather app provided a forecast of rain all week for Cork City, but it somehow never gets to be quite that bad. Yes it can be wet, but change can be quick to blow in. Today as I looked to set out on a very short ‘walk’, I noticed the shafts of sunlight catching in the crocuses in the front garden. Worth going back into the house to grab the camera for a quick couple of shots.

That is where the trouble started. I stood calling The Hound back in but while he stood by the front door, he refused to make that final step back inside the house. So I left him there, door ajar, and went to grab the camera for a quick couple of shots; if I left it for a few moments the opportunity could well have passed.

Back to the front door where The Hound waited patiently but defiantly outside. Subtle he is not, his message was clear.

The ideal shot would be taken from a low position but being confined to crutches and banned from kneeling or reaching down, I knew that would not be possible. Restricted in my movement I did what I could, certainly not perfect, but hopefully enough to brighten up the days of you all.

  • Lilac crocuses shine in the morning light
  • Crocuses
  • Crocuses bathing in sunlight become translucent
  • Crocuses standing tall and straight

With the few snaps out of the way I could put the camera back in the house, close the front door and get some exercise to build up the leg and allow The Hound to sniff the area of his domain. Happy out.

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