A ruin with a blue door, for sale the sign proclaims

For Sale

The sign at the side of the road proclaims the building and land for sale, sea views included. Poke around carefully and you might just find that the house could do with a bit of modernisation. A new bit of paint on the front door wouldn’t go amiss.

Photo of a ruin for sale in West Cork

Would suit the keen gardener as there is plenty of work to do within its grounds. Please form an orderly queue. When the owners left the house for the last time, one wonders what thoughts they had.

9 thoughts on “For Sale

    1. So many shades of blue within the one dorr,, according to how many layers have peeled back – a door of discovery. Thanks for taking time out to comment Angela and despite all the angst in the world, may 2021 bring some light and happiness to you. Be popping on over to check out your own blog. MM☘️

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  1. Fabulous picture, John. There is something about old, decrepit houses and barns that work so well for the camera!

    Now that you’ve immortalised the house, it can be torn down and something new built upon that land πŸ˜‰

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    1. Happy New Year to you Dale. Talking of tearing down, habve a few more on the City but need to give a bit of time to the post. Kingfisher mural next I feel. Love so much of the old stuff 😘 Stay safe and best wishes from Cork xx

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      1. Happy New Year, John. Looking forward to whatever you share! I love the old stuff too. So much character. You also stay safe and best wishes from Boucherville! 😘

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