A tree weeps to the ground with the weight of its turning leaves; coins of gold, green, orange and every colour in between

Shades of Autumn

It’s a walk, a walk the same as any other; out in the morning, jacket on and dog by my side. In my pocket is the compact camera, convenience has won on this occasion.

A short stroll alongside the old stone wall and the park then opens out before us. In the past few days the turning foliage has caught my eye and I hope the leaves are not all scattered on the ground.

I walk over to the first tree that stands out and make an entire circle around it before deciding on the best angle. There’s just something about its hanging collection of varied colours.

A tree wears its autumn colours well in Beaumount Park, Cork
Tree of Colours

It’s the image used for the header of this post, only the header image is cropped.

Harry the hound takes his time sniffing the leaves in the damp grass, the scents must surely be overwhelming for a dog such as him. It’s just another day, but a day not to miss, a day to appreciate the changes that nature brings.

Change is everywhere, epitomised by the different shades of autumn. The one constant in life seems to be change. At times this may appear exhausting, but I would prefer the changing seasons than to have a single year round season. A change brings freshness, a reminder of the evolving world we live in and removes the opportunity for boredom and monotony to set in.

It’s been a while but I hope you enjoy this post.

17 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn

  1. I know this was written some time ago but it’s gorgeous and I couldn’t help feeling the uncanny similarities between us, despite living in different countries. Lovely post.


  2. John! So very nice to see you again! What a glorious post (and while the header is cropped, it also is gorgeous as it gives us a nice closeup of that fabulous tree).
    Happy Autumn to you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That I do and I did share on Robin’s Walktober. So glad you did sneak in the Hound (as I did Zeke) who’s getting a little long in the tooth at 10 years old since yesterday…
        The pleasure was mutual!
        Hope you are doing well! 😘


      2. Sweet! He must still be very active. Zeke is surprisingly so, but he pays for it if we take too long a walk. I have to start being careful.


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