An experienced falconer assesses the conditions, silence the key

Silence II – WPC

The current photo challenge is “Silence” and yesterday I provided a shot of a calm undulating sea, hypnotic but silent.

Today I provide an image of a falconer, a teacher, an enthusiast and a man of concentration.

An experienced falconer assesses the conditions, silence the key
Silent Thoughts

A marked contrast to yesterday’s image, but the strong, silent man is worthy of the current theme in my humble view.

9 thoughts on “Silence II – WPC

    1. Thanks Jane. It was one of those ones where he was so intense and what I saw with my eyes I just had to try and capture before the moment passed. Fortunately I did this, so the shot was totally natural. He led a bird of prey experience that we undertook and it was fabulous.

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    1. Thank you so much Anne, the image had to have plenty of image to the left in order to reflect the depth of thought and the silence it brought about. Glad the space works for you too..John 🍀


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