Oak Leaves

Walking along the track in Twomies Wood, I could not help but stop and admire the oak leaf and its droplets of water; almost perfectly formed except for the one drop that appeared to be making a break for it.

At first I liked the contrast provided by the gravel track and this leaf, but then I noticed the two leaves in the shot.

Oak leaves and a gravel track provide stark contrasts
Texture Contrasts

The two leaves both had their underside showing and yet one was covered in a myriad of droplets while the other was shorn of all such adornments. What led to such fortunes and changes?

Two fallen leaves provide a contrast in a Killarney wood.
Leaf Contrast

So over to you on how the two leaves have such different outcomes?

5 thoughts on “Oak Leaves

    1. I had nothing to do with the arrangement, they are as they fell and as I came upon them and that is what struck me most. My theory is that the drop bearing leaf was holding dew from the morning while the clean leaf had only just fallen that morning, hence the difference. Quite prepared for someone rubbishing my theory of course. 🍀

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  1. I love both those images. The monochromatic one is a study tonal range and sharpness. The colour version is more pictorial and speaks more of Autumn and the range of colours that exist alongside the dead and dying leaves.

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    1. Thanks Lenscaper, I find it interesting to play with the images to see what can be achieved with the same basic material. My original focus was very much on the leaf with the droplets. Hope all is good with yourself. MM🍀


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