Arrival of Spring

Nothing shouts louder that spring has arrived than a great swathe of bright yellow daffodils. Trouble is they capture the attention each and every year, so this time I though I would use for my cover shot one in which we look through the back of the daffodil to make it a little bit different.

Enjoy the splash of spring.

4 thoughts on “Arrival of Spring

  1. I think there needs to be a “love” button 😉 this is beautiful as are all of the photos I’ve seen so far.


  2. Lovely overlapping petal shapes that you don’t see from the front. I gave my daughter a permanent aversion to daffodils. She drew a super one when she was three, which I kept and then got her to do another when she was four, less enthusiastically. She was definitely on the rebellious side at five. When I approached her aged six bearing a daffodil she strode out of the room swearing never to look at another daffodil ever again.

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