An image just taken a few yards away from “Losing it?“. Again the main feature that caught my attention was the sparse tree against the corrugated metal panels of the shed.

However, the more I looked at the scene the more the desire of man to leave his mark jumped out at me – both on the tree and the panels. It is as if nothing is sacred, man has to leave his disfiguring mark.

Leaving a Mark
Leaving a Mark

Overall, there is something about this image that draws me in.

What about you?

20 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. Was intrigued by numerous interpretations of the image.For me it is as if the tree has poured out its green color in its entirety to its surroundings and to the ground all over.It just gave all that it had.Thank you for sharing the picture,it was indeed thought provoking.

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  2. Like the colours.

    ‘It is as if nothing is sacred, man has to leave his disfiguring mark.’

    I hear you. On a related theme, this is an aspect of air travel that always slightly depresses me, seeing how much of the earth man has gouged, stripped, ‘developed’.

    Keep ’em coming, John πŸ‘

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  3. Lots of depth and layers in this image John, but for me it’s the orange/ red with the yellow/ green colours that make it more than just another image and the tree seems to blend with the colours until you actually ‘see’ it.

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    1. Cheers Lee. I think layers is exactly it. Sometimes I am not sure what draws me in to an image, but I just sense something in it for me. Do you get like that? Hope all good with you, MM πŸ€


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