Night Dock

Each night as I traveled back from work I would glance across the river to the warehouses, cranes and electricity station, lit by neon lights.  With the right light they made fascinating viewing and I thought they’d make a great image. However, the combination of late nights, rain, wrong light and simply not having the camera has made this more of a wish than a reality.

Tuesday marked the end of 7 straight days work and with the forecast set to be cold and clear I put the camera kit into the car boot – that’s trunk for all you state-siders.

Getting out of work I had to scrape the ice off the windscreen. Cold but no bitter wind. I pulled over opposite the electricity station, but it just wasn’t working – I’d have to wait ’til after the Christmas lights were removed.

Then came the one scene that I had concentrated on as being the most atmospheric; one I could see in a cold war spy scene, documents being passed in the shadows.

Here it is:

Night on the Docks
Night on the Docks

I’d love to know what you may think of this scene, but I am pretty pleased with this result and especially the effect of the high rise store in the back of the image.

Hopefully one or two of you may also like this image.

6 thoughts on “Night Dock

  1. Great shot and glad you persevered with capturing it, sounds like you’ve been working too hard!
    The large structure in the background only gradually makes its presence felt which I really like and it adds a sense of mystery to the scene.

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