H2O – The Power of Reflection

For my fourth entry on this week’s challenge, H2O, I celebrate the reflective power of water.

Like so many photographers, I love a good natural reflection and where better to find this than on water, a calm lake, a slow moving river, even a puddle.

So having popped over to the archives, here are a few examples:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t help noticing how important the clouds are in many of the images, another form of H2O.

Hope you liked the above images and you might like to see my previous entries for the H2O Challenge, focusing on Ireland, New England, and waterdrops.

Tomorrow is the last day of this challenge and my final entry.

6 thoughts on “H2O – The Power of Reflection

  1. Wonderful collection of images! I agree about clouds–just about anything that involves the sky seems to be better with clouds, but particularly if water is reflecting the sky. I often morosely comment how I’m never there when the clouds are. Of course, one photographer friend is always watching the weather closely, and as a storm gets close to breaking, he dashed out into the hills with his rain gear to get those ending clouds and gets beautiful shots, while I’m at home drinking hot chocolate. But I digress. I enjoyed looking through your photos.


    1. Ellen, clouds can be just so amazing and worth an image in themselves. Keep looking and pocket the camera, it will hit you straight between the eyes. Good luck and thank you so much for the comment – will now pop on over, MM 🍀


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