Purple flowers, lush greens, flowers of white all go to make up a bog scene in North Cork

Summer Bog

The term “bog” hardly tends to get the pulses flowing, afterall while it is a term used to describe wet, marshy land it is also a term colloquially used to refer to a toilet.

Yet here in North County Cork on a regular walk with the Hound, one had to notice the abundance of wildflowers speckling the scene. Yes, many would be described as weeds, such as the dandelion, daisy, cow parsley and even the foxglove but that cannot take away from the colour they bring.

A delicate flower of the bog
Bog Flower

It is here in this bog that we hear the mating of thousands of frogs as they seek out mates in early spring,Β  that I saw my first otters in the wild, that I captured images of badgers at night and where each year we pray that the pair of swans will successfully raise their brood. It is a place where nature can thrive, though spotting the animals is no easy matter.

On this occasion, the only animal to hit the viewfinder was The Hound.

The bog predator gets ready to pounce
Lying in Wait

In doing this post, I almost labelled it “Just a Bog” (as in “Just a Daisy“) but decided against this repetition. It is though a title that I feel is befitting.

So here is the main bog scene once more for you to enjoy in all of its wild glory – look carefully and you will probably spot butterflies, dragonflies….

A lush bog in North County Cork, Ireland
Moody Bog

And with that, today’s bog walk has come to an end, time for The Hound to go back on the lead as we near the road.

Enjoy the weekend. MM πŸ€

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    1. If we had a bigger place we might, but we are just a bit limited on room – inside and out. The good thing is we have a park at the back of the house and it is very much known as a dogwalkers park, so he gets to meet, greet and play with other dogs every single day. πŸ€

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