JM Roofing & Building

This frontage on Barrack Street in Cork City caught my eye.

Along with yesterday’s post, Gorgeous Irony, there is both an air of decay and irony in the building’s frontage.

Barrack Street is an old traditional street in Cork City, rising up from Parliament Bridge on the South Channel of the River Lee and making its way in the general direction of Bandon.


Alas, this was one of many buildings on the street with a distinct air of neglect. It seems such a pity, a street with plenty of character and with some good bars, wearing such a decrepit old coat.


One thing I loved about this image was the open first floor window and the old curtain swaying freely.

And of course, I am a sucker for peeling paint:


A bit of history fades and reveals itself.

11 thoughts on “JM Roofing & Building

  1. The phrase: ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover comes into my mind’, but on this occasion I would think that this place fell on hard times and maybe it was because it didn’t present the best of ‘images’ to potential customers. Peeling paint looks great, by the way.

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