Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

This week’s challenge is “Opposites” – make two opposing elements come together (or clash in dissonance) in one photo.

I scratched my head for ages trying to think of a suitable image. It was only when I was going through some recent images taken in Lille, France that I found the perfect example.


Not only were the buildings on opposite sides of the road to each other, but they were also so different in  many other ways. In front of me stood a new building all glass with some stone facade breaking up the reflections of the old building opposite. The building behind me, reflected in the glass of the new, spoke of “old money” and a palatial past. Opposites.

Personally I like the way the way the stone facade breaks up the glass and the reflection of the building behind.  The reflections also seem to highlight any imperfections in the glass.

Enough of what I think, what is your view?

MM 🍀


Love to hear what you think

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