That’s right I need your help, so please don’t disappoint.

In looking at this blog I have decided that a bit of a spring clean might not go amiss. Among other things I feel the theme looks a bit dated and the tagline could be modified. So this is where you come in – the tagline.

When the blog started in 2013 I did not know which way it would go and hence the tagline was “Throwing Out Some Shapes”. As the blog has developed I feel the key themes have been photography, travel and nature.

So with this in mind I am asking you to let me know what you think the blog is most about and what would be an appropriate tagline.

Here are a number of ideas to vote on, or simply add your own with ‘other’:

I know which one I favour, but will that tie in with the views of readers?

In addition whileΒ  I trawl through different themes, any input on this matter greatly appreciated too. All will be revealed and thanks for taking part.

PS for those interested the above shot comes from the bull ring in Ronda, Spain, picture courtesy of The Wife.



34 thoughts on “Help!

    1. Well I think I may have a couple more Ronda images so will try and oblige you Cathy. I trust the growth in the garden has just turned up a notch after what was a miserably slow start? Have fun and thanks for voting, MM πŸ€

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  1. Oh, it does work on the app. At least it seemed so on my iPad. But you have to klick the link first to get to the actual poll. I havn’t checked how it looks on the Mac though. But then I can just hope my vote reached you. Didn’t write any comment.

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