Weekly Photo Challenge – Faces

This weeks weekly photo challenge has been set as “faces” with the words “let’s celebrate our many different faces”.

Now I love a good face, so much expression and life to be told in a face, be it that of a new born baby or a lined man or woman. For me the eyes and mouth say so much.

Alas I do not have a plethora of face images, something I would like to work on, but here are a few of my favoured ones.

Now I did manage to squeeze in an image amongst that lot of a mural on a factory wall in Iceland, undertaken by Guido Van Helten. I think his work is superb, try checking out his Official Webpage.

The careful observer may also note that yours truly does feature in one of the images.

For more on the Weekly Photo Challenge why not go to the Info page.


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Faces

    1. Thank you so much Sarah, hearing it from you that means something. My own thoughts are that alot of portrait photography like this can be as much about engagement and having the right interactive personality, as about technical skills behind the camera. I’d like to think I have that natural ability to engage in a positive manner. Once again many thanks, MM 😘

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      1. I know how one feels… When you have to take a break from these creative events. Sometimes I have to do it as well… Lack of idea or not enough motivation or traveling… some of the reasons!

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