Farewell Whiddy

It was a short trip to Whiddy, just a matter of a few hours. The weather wasn’t kind, but hopefully in the posts delivered you will have gained a flavour for what might be in store for you, should you take the small ferry ride across to the Island in Bantry Bay, West Cork.

Here are a few final images before the ferry delivered me safely back to the town of Bantry.

Its a place where the chickens will continue to patrol the beach, the cats the front of the pub and no doubt the hares (which are massive) will bound around in the fields – there are no predators around these parts you see.

As for the Bank, it’s my kind of bank – no talk of overdrafts, loan criteria and the like. The most pressing decision is which pint to have. No need to worry about the ferry leaving before you either, the ferryman will be in there chatting away, providing nuggets of the island’s history. Most definitely my kind of bank.

My other Whiddy Island posts are:

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For the real official stuff, best go to Whiddy Ferry.

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