Lobster Pots

A strange place to find a large collection of lobster pots, buoys and other fishing regalia – right in the middle of Whiddy Island, in what seems about the most distant point form the shore.

Lobster pots with lines hanging down
Waiting for Action
A row of lobster pots lie dormant on Whiddy Island
Stacked High
close up of an old lobster pot
The Trap
Plastic lobster pots neatly stacked on Whiddy Island
Plastic Pots



It is as if this is a clandestine hoard.

For more on my whistle stop tour of Whiddy Island, why not check out Whiddy Hen Party, Whiddy Weather, Whiddy School or Whiddy Battery.

Alternatively hit the official Whiddy Ferry site.


10 thoughts on “Lobster Pots

  1. When I see like objects in abundance like this it attracts my eye, I see the repeating patters, the beauty in unity yet the space for uniqueness. As with all art forms it is in the examination of the details that we are able to detect the nuances of individuals working together which perfect the whole. I love the fact that in my interaction with other artists (and other beings) I discover a little more of myself. Thanks for sharing, .

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      1. yes I agree, I love hearing what other people see in a piece and especially in their own work. Thanks for sharing that.

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  2. Ready for the Flood? Climate Change? or High Tide? They all look in good condition and ready for use but why there? You’ve got me intrigued πŸ™‚


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