Whiddy Battery

Continuing the tour of Whiddy Island on a rather dull day, we pop in to see the Middle Battery. There are three batteries on Whiddy Island, the largest of which is known as the Middle Battery for obvious reasons.

The fact that this small island, measuring just 1.5 miles by 3.5 miles, had three gun batteries placed on it, just shows the strategic importance of this piece of land in Bantry Bay, West Cork.

To get into the battery one has to cross a deep moat by a small footbridge, a warning sign standing to advise of the perils ahead. With planks missing, the bridge itself represents an obvious hazard. Once inside, the old buildings which housed the soldiers are solid enough, if somewhat cold and damp.

It is sufficient to imagine what it might have been like when occupied by soldiers.

Just like the island school, another place found crumbling, bit by bit.

What amazed me the most was to learn that people had lived in the Middle Battery right up until 1992, less than 25 years ago. Unbelievable what you can find out when you talk to the locals.

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19 thoughts on “Whiddy Battery

  1. My mother was a Murphy from the Western Bsttery on Whiddy. I loved seeing your pics of the middle batterywhich I have not seen on any of my 4 visits to Whiddy.

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    1. Mary, really nice to meet you and thanks for leaving a comment, it helps to make all the work worthwhile. My wife is a Murphy and my Brother-in-Law’s family heralded from Whiddy! The middle battery is well worth seeing, just a pity that our day was marred by heavy rain, but what else would one expect? MMπŸ€


    1. Thank you, nice to hear. As you may be able to tell, we did not have the best of days weather wise but I did what I could. Glad you could appreciate them. Any major recommendations for a return visit? John πŸ€


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