Whiddy Island National School

Alas the school on Whiddy Island is deserted, the population of the Island totaling just 20 (0r 22 depending upon the source). So the school has long since closed.

The old school on Whiddy Island falling into disrepair
Whiddy Island School

The shell remains, as do a number of desks in the single classroom, used to house all the pupils.

Old Classroom of Whiddy Island School
Old Classroom

In some ways this building seems to represent the fortunes of the island and walking around the ruined building is quite evocative, “last one please turn out all the lights”.

Speaking to the locals, there would be a desire to turn the school into a museum, but of course this requires a bit of funding.

For now hopefully you can appreciate these images of an old Island school off the West Cork coast.

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17 thoughts on “Whiddy Island National School

  1. Very emotive pictures. We’ve got what was the old school in our village, but it’s used as a Church and Social hall now- had a Greek evening there last Saturday. Still has the bell up in the roof, but no rope to pull it. Probably just as well because I think it’d would literally bring the roof down!

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