Two old petrol pumps stand in a grassy field

Standing Still

Sometimes one doesn’t know when opportunity is going to strike and often it arrives where we are just not expecting it.

I took a small trip along the Lee valley to see if some nice shots of the floods could be obtained, but alas nothing really seemed to be working; the weather was grey and none of the scenes had the sort of image I was looking for. However, not too far from Dripsey I stumbled upon what was left of an old filling station and I just had to stop the car.

Even the grey weather added to the scene of neglect and despair and I loved these decaying sentries – seen through the mesh of a wire fence they almost seemed to take on the role of prison guards.

Old abandoned petrol pumps rise from the grass, imprisoned behind wire fencing.
Silent Sentries

My wife wasn’t exactly impressed by these, but hopefully someone else can appreciate the imagery and see why I had to stop that day.

Love to have your comments on these sentries standing still.

Further images of some old pumps can be found at more old pumps

32 thoughts on “Standing Still

    1. Cheers Joan, it was an unexpected find that I am sure won’t be around for much longer – the sale boards are up for one…..Hope you have not been affected by the floods Joan, MM πŸ€


  1. I can see why you stopped! These images tell a story and I love your ‘quiet sentries’ description. There is something surreal about them. Star Wars and Daleks move over… It’s ‘The return of the pump stations’.😏

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