Flood water spreads across the Lee Fields in an unwelcome start to 2016 in Cork City

Down by the Lee

December has been the wettest here since records began, but finally there was some let up in the weather, albeit only a pause.

It was sufficient to grab my camera and head to the Lee Fields where the River Lee approaches Cork City. ย  The river was a thick chocolate brown, reflecting the sediment that has been washed off the land and into the turbulent waters. Once more the Lee had failed to stay within the confines of its banks, but at least here there was little sign of any major damage to properties.

Flood water streams into the Lee Fields from the River Lee
Pitch Invasion


Vacant Seat


Flood water spreads across the Lee Fields in an unwelcome start to 2016 in Cork City
Lee Fields in Flood
Reflective Trees

If only the same could be said of other areas of Cork, such as Midleton and Bandon. Further north there are many with hands to the pump as the mighty River Shannon invades places where it is not welcome.

Then there’s the UK with bridges being swept away in Cumbria, while in South Americaย  I read that an estimated 160,000 have had to flee their homes.

Puts into perspective our own little gripes I guess.



14 thoughts on “Down by the Lee

  1. I have missed your lovely pictures, John! All that water makes for beautiful pictures yet hopefully did not cause too much damage!
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

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