Cork Summer Show

The previous weekend it was the Cork Summer Show.

Knowing there would be livestock around The Hound got left behind at the house while we sought out ice-creams and tried to take it all in. We were there on the Sunday and while there were plenty of horse competitions and dog shows, it seems that Saturday was the main day for the farm animals.

Nonetheless there were a number of sheep being judged and a docile champion Aberdeen Angus bull was proudly displayed.

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As soon as we arrived we did regret not bringing The Hound as there were no restrictions and it would have been good training for him. Given his nature he would have been scared of everything except, bizarrely, the Rottweilers, Boxers and Dobermans.

Look forward to heading along again in a year’s time with The Hound in tow.

10 thoughts on “Cork Summer Show

  1. Fantastic shots of the rams John, quite a bit of wisdom in those eyes or latent aggression maybe. Brings back my childhood growing up in rural lands. Funny your hound has aversions to Rotties, Boxers and Dobermans. My Afghan will let little dogs do anything to her, as they progress in size so does her attitude but they are tolerated. However those 3 breeds bring out unusual hostility that becomes embarrassing especially when she sees Rottweilers.

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    1. The Hound is so patient with the small dogs, that they could do practically anything and he won’t bat an eyelid. However…..

      As for the rams and sheep, my lens might have poked its way into the pen through the railings, but rest assured I was firmly the other side of the fence. πŸ‘πŸ‘


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