There are a number of islands off the Scottish coast with the name of Oronsay, for Oronsay means tidal island. An island at high tide, but possible to walk across to it at low tide. Being aware of the tides is an absolute must.

Having been regaled of many stories of stranded tourists and knowing how dangerous the currents can be around these parts, the wife can get a bit nervous of such ventures. No sooner would our feet touch the island destination and watches would continually be checked and nervous glances over shoulders would become the norm.

So in heading to the island of Oronsay off Colonsay, we joined up with a small organised historical tour and left the worrying to someone else far more knowledgable of the local hazards.

At the end of the Strand Road people gathered, judging the time to leave as best they could. Then the first travellers ventured forth, quickly setting off a domino effect.

They're Off
They’re Off


Herd Instinct
Herd Instinct

To get the most of the island visit we had to cross the last part of the channel with a good couple of foot of seawater still in it. On to the Island and we marched on in soggy socks to our destination, the 14th century Augustinian Priory.

Standing Stone & Sheep
Standing Stone & Sheep


Oronsay Cottage
Oronsay Cottage

Tomorrow it is the turn of the Priory itself.

12 thoughts on “Oronsay

  1. I love places that have this “danger”… we went to Virgin Gorda, on one of our cruises and absolutely had to leave before high tide otherwise we would have missed the boat and been stranded – though I can think of worse places to be stranded… I imagine this particular neck of the woods would have been a “tad” cooler…

    Gorgeous shots, as ever, John!

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  2. Fascinating captures and interesting written – a very inspiring part of the british islands – so much history left back for us to ‘breath’ – always enjoy my Scotland visits, no matter in which ‘corner’ it is – and always enjoy your photos too… ๐Ÿ™‚


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