Easedale Slate

Slate is everywhere and a small museum provides a glimmer of past glories when Easdale was the centre of the slate industry. Hard to imagine now, but the neat rows of white-washed cottages are testament to a time of greater activity.


For me it was a beautiful spot at the end of the road on the Island of Seil. Here I use the term ‘island’ in the loosest of senses, as a high arched bridge has linked it to the mainland for over 200 years (more of that in another post).


It was well worth travelling to the end of this road.

16 thoughts on “Easedale Slate

    1. Cheers Rakiv, the west of Scotland has many jewels to offer. This place with its slate mines just had such a fascinating history. Incrrdible. Thanks for your comments Rajiv and hope you are having a good week. MM πŸ€


  1. Your photos really capture the landscape there. The tiny houses beneath the looming hills, their white against the slate grey. We always loved the slate Harbour there and the little walled gardens attached to each tiny house.

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